Free Speech in the Liberal World Order

Free Speech?

Does free speech exist anymore? It seems to be eroding. For example, one readily observes that on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, there are preferred narratives concerning Covid-19 vaccines, election integrity, climate change, or what happened on January 6th, 2021, among other topics. As these platforms have become the place where the public conversation takes shape, a modern town hall, so to speak, it’s concerning that they are so dominated by one group.

A leftist, mostly Democrat viewpoint controls major social media outlets and determines which statements are deemed safe for public consumption. Contrary viewpoints get labeled “misinformation” or are “fact-checked.” Increasingly this is accomplished by automated algorithms, and not by human beings. Of course, these corporations are deciding which information is “misinformed” or factual in accordance with a worldview you may not share. But since it is their platform, their power to control what appears on them is absolute. Individual statements get labeled “misleading;” accounts accrue strikes against them for violations. Accounts that violate the ever-expanding list of “rules” vanish, effectively silencing their voices.

To those who complain about such actions, the glib reply is “Stop whining, conservative. It’s a privately owned company, so comply with their rules or get out.” This is true enough. Private companies do have the power to make policies and rules for their products. But consider that these companies pretend that by such rules they are merely protecting the public from harmful influences, rather than targeting and limiting the speech of those they disagree with. Intuitively even the Left understands that it doesn’t look good to block what people are saying, so they try to maintain an image as conscientious social monitors. The term “liberal,” after all, used to mean someone tolerant of all viewpoints. The liberal might not agree with you, but would nevertheless strongly defend your right to an opinion. But in these days of radical political polarization, the classic liberal approach (think Joe Rogan) is dead.

Whose Side Are you on?

All the Left now wants to know is, whose side are you on? Did you vote for Trump or not? What’s your view on climate change? CRT? Was January 6 an insurrection, yes or no? Of course, the Right practices tribalism too. But it’s my observation that the Left, which statistically dominates social media, academia, education, and Hollywood, is the quickest to “cancel” unwanted voices, has real power to do so, and is increasingly acting on its urge to control the narrative.

If you’re on the correct side, say and do as you please; but cross the line, and you’ll get removed. Repeat what the liberal world order cult wants you to say, or else.

Determining Truth

I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist, as I believe truth is usually both nuanced and complex. Extreme statements that generalize about groups, or demonize others put me off. None of us comes to the data with total objectivity. Nevertheless, I do believe in revealed truths, and that is what this website is being built on. I think God wants us to know essential truths for living, and reveals these to us primarily through His Son Jesus Christ. Now figuring out all the implications and applications from the foundational truths is challenging, and there will be disagreements even among people on the same team.

But the important thing is we must preserve the freedom to consider all the data and decide for ourselves. From the beginning, America has been a champion of differing viewpoints. We rebelled against having a state religion imposed on us and put that principle in our founding documents. We have been diverse people who recognize differences in thought as a fact of life. Freedom to voice your opinion was once considered sacrosanct in these great United States. But increasingly, in the name of “safety” and “progress”, the Left dictates an official narrative all are expected to accept and submit to. This runs counter to the great American spirit of independence. A vociferous clash of values and worldviews is raging. That debate must happen, but let all voices be heard, so that the truth may emerge triumphant amid the battle.

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