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The late great apologist and author Francis Schaeffer, an inspiration for this website
True Truth

An epic battle of truth versus lies rages on. It is not a new. Perhaps you’ve heard how the ancient Serpent deceived Eve with an insinuating question, “Did God really say…?” He got Eve to doubt what she’d personally known as true- God’s goodness and tender care for her and Adam. A tragic mistake!

Even if one finds this biblical account an implausible explanation for the evils that now befall us, can anyone deny we live in a world of confusion, hostility, sickness, and death? Yes, there is beauty, knowledge, and perhaps, progress. Yet with all our scientific achievement and technological advancement, humanity has not solved poverty, hunger, disease, or hatred. And those seeking answers to the eternal, spiritual questions of life- Why do we exist? Is there a God? What happens when we die?- encounter countless competing and often diametrically opposed views. Can we even hope to determine which views are correct?

Pilate famously asked Jesus Christ, “What is truth?” Did he really think an answer was possible, or was he conveying the cynicism familiar to our own modern age of doubt and uncertainty? The person he asked about truth, Jesus Christ, had boldly declared:

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

~ Jesus Christ of Nazareth (John 14:6)

Now by faith Christians assume Jesus spoke absolute truth when he made the above statement! It is for this reason that we believe in objective truth, for we believe that Truth is divinely revealed in the Scriptures, and most fully by the God-Man, Jesus. Moreover we believe our minds are divinely equipped so that truth can actually be known, understood, and acted upon. Not perfectly, of course, for all have blind spots, weaknesses, and deficiencies in knowledge. Nevertheless this blog stands, with humble earnestness, on the side of what the late great Francis Schaeffer calls “true truth.”

Schaeffer coined the term as a way to speak to the postmodern mind:

People today live in a generation that no longer believes in the hope of truth as truth. That is why I use the term “true truth” in my books, to emphasize real truth.

Francis Schaeffer; Chapter 3, He is There and He is Not Silent

At this juncture you may say, “Francis Schaeffer I’ve heard of, but who in the world are you?… What makes Alex Jordan an expert on truth?” Well, I freely admit I have NO authority of my own. Sure, I earned a degree in English Literature, and completed some graduate studies in theology. I’ve been a Christian many years, of the Reformed Baptist persuasion. I’m generally conservative in social views and politics. I have an artist’s temperament, an INFP on the Myers Briggs personality test. I play guitar, sing, and write original songs. I like pickleball and follow tennis. I’m married but have not been blessed with children. Needless to say, NONE of this makes me an expert on truth! So what can I contribute? Well, I’m here only to present my simple gifts of word and creativity, as the Lord enables. Yet as the Apostle Paul declared,

“… I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek

The Apostle Paul, Letter to the Romans (1:16)

So my starting point here on TrueTruthToday.com is that truth exists because it has been revealed by God, not that I, Alex Jordan, have invented or discovered anything original. It’s the God-glorifying truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ alone that have power to overcome the many lies of darkness we face. Therefore my purpose for this blog is to provide: a) resources to encourage and equip people to make a sharper Christian impact on an increasingly humanistic, secularized Western culture, and b) truths I hope will challenge and correct narratives many of us unknowingly absorb from a deceitful culture.

You see, “true truth” is the conviction that Christianity is not merely private religious truth, but speaks with authority to the entire range of human activity: education, marriage, culture, art, politicsindeed, to all of life. On this blog I’ll seek to explore the ramifications of “true truth” in these various arenas. As we tackle theological yet practical concerns, I’ll also point you to what other smart folks are saying. “What does the “kingdom of God” mean today? What is a sensible Christian response to vaccine and mask mandates? How (or why) should I vote? Should Christians be involved in trying to change the culture, or is our primary task to become mature disciples within our local church communities? Are these mutually exclusive endeavors? These are the kinds of issues we’ll be delving into.

I trust that God has inspired me to take up this project and sincerely hope the website blesses you on your own journey of seeking, thinking through, and applying truth to all of life. I welcome your support as I work to make this a resource of great value to readers, as well as an income-producing vehicle.

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